jueves, 1 de junio de 2017

2017 America's cup

This is most famous sailing event in the world. It is organized every four years, and this year it is in Bermuda. Pairs of boats race each other, competing fo speed, strategy and tactics. It's one of the most difficult sporting trophies to win! 

Resultado de imagen de sailing race boats
Dear Mr Underwood,   

I am writing because I have problems since my arrival with to the my room (room 239) in New York Hilton Hotel. The description online of the room is really wrong.

In the first place, in the Hilton website it says “Free Wifi” and in the reception, they told me that I needed to pay for the wifi in my room.
In the second place, I ordered a room with views of the city and my room doesn’t have any view of New York.

I am really disappointed with the service and the Hilton hotels. I hope that you can help me with these problems.

Yours faithfully,

Sergi Comalat.

What do elephants have that no other animal has? 
Baby elephants.

Can a kangaroo jump higher than the Empire State Building? 
Yes, because the Empire State Building can't jump!

What do you call a boomerang that won't come back? 
A stick.

Meet my new born brother.
Oh, he is so handsome! What's his name?

I don't know. I can't understand a word he says.

Dear Editor,

I'm writing in response an article of your newspaper wich claimed that climate change doesn't exist. I'm completely disagree with the article and I would like to point out why the climate change exist.

Firstly, in the latest hundred years the temperature has not stopped growing up and the sea level has risen more thean 5 metres. Also, all the old people says in their times the temperature wasn't as high as now.

Secondly, a lot of scientist made a lot of work to research about this theme and all of them says that is true de climate change and if we don't do anything now, noe would stop it in the future. We should change this for our futures generations and please research more with this theme.

See you,

Photo 1:

In this photo I can see a river with elephants and people playing with them. I think that's is a Tropical country because there a lot of water and green plants, maybe is Thailand. This people wear the same uniform and the same hat, maybe is an a organitzation who helps elepahnts. They're happy and the elephants too.

Photo 2:

In this photo I can see a big ship in the artic zone with a group of people taking photos of penguins. The group of people wear the same clothes, so I think that's and uniform. It's very cold because they wear and special jackets to support extrem temperatures. They have a very good cameras, maybe they're a group of profesional photographers working for a magazine like National Geoprahic o something like this. The penguins are happy. PET 

Today I want to talk about my favorite relative.
Well, my favorite relative is my cousin. He's very special for me and it's like a kind of best friend. He's amazing, very friendly and he is always happy.

I think that we have a very friendly relationship because he's a year older than me and he've always been together science we were, kids.

One day we were playing Wii and tue joystick fell on the TV but fortunately he didn't break anything.